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Clubs and Syndicates

Club / syndicate member – £69
Club / syndicate gamekeeper – £69
Club / syndicate junior (under 21) – £28

Clubs and Syndicates – Summary of Benefits:

  • All members are covered under the BASC insurance policy, both when they are shooting with the club or syndicate and anywhere else. The basic cover is as follows: Public Liability insurance: £10 million Employer Liability insurance: £10 million Product Liability insurance: £10 million Personal Accident insurance: £50,000
  • All beaters, pickers up or anyone else helping officially with club or syndicate activities will be covered under the Employer Liability cover – an insurance certificate will be sent free of charge when you affiliate.( this is a legal requirement)
  • Your occasional and official guests can also be included temporarily as insured persons, provided their full names and addresses are recorded before commencement of any insured activity.
  • All members receive £250,000 legal expenses cover for firearms appeals
  • You will receive copies of an official insurance cover note from BASC, that you can give to whomever you lease your shooting rights from. Further copies can be sent free of charge.
  • Each member of the club or syndicate will be treated as a member of BASC in their own right and will receive their own membership card, insurance certificate.
  • Each member has full access to ALL BASC departments including:
  • Airgunning
  • Conservation & land management
  • Deer stalking
  • Game shooting
  • Gamekeeping
  • Gundogs
  • Pigeon shooting
  • Research
  • Shooting standards
  • Wildfowling
  • You will receive 6 copies of Shooting & Conservation magazine a year.
  • You can subscribe to a range of BASC e-newsletters
  • You are entitled to discounts on BASC courses and activity days.
  • If you have a gamekeeper then they will have unlimited access to advice from all of our 12 game and gamekeeping advisors across the UK.

The key features of club and syndicate membership:

It is important to note the following points:

  • Remember, all members of the club are covered both when they are shooting on club land and wherever else they may shoot. Cover is world-wide but excludes Canada and North America.
  • Once the club is affiliated, all members of the club are covered by the BASC insurance.
  • All guests – subject to a maximum of 50% of the guns on any one day – of the club are automatically covered. There is no need to notify BASC of guests, but please make sure you keep a record of names and dates of guests shooting in your shoot register.
  • Beaters and pickers up and anyone else helping with club activities will be covered under the Employer Liability insurance that all BASC members carry provided they are acting under instruction from a club or syndicate member.
  • The insurance cover includes third party liability for vehicles not compulsorily registered for road use and temporary premises hired by the club.

Click below to download further details on the membership package for clubs and syndicates. Alternatively fill in the form below for more information.

* From the 1st October 2017 cover for dogs injured on shoots from affiliated clubs will automatically apply where there has been some negligence of members during the shoot. The cover will be limited to £2,500 per incident. So if a dog is injured on your shoot please call or email the insurance team at BASC and we will send you the relevant forms.

To make a claim or for more information please email or call David Ilsley on 01244 573021.


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