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Press Guide to Clay Shooting at the Jamboree

Essex International Scouts Jamboree in Chelmsford 31st July to 5th August

Press Guide to Clay Shooting at the Jamboree


What is the Essex International Jamboree?

The Essex jamboree is an international week long camp which brings together scouts & guides from around the world every four years.

Who runs the jamboree?

It’s run as a joint event between Essex scouts and the three guide counties of Essex west, Essex north east and Essex south east. It is to be held between 30th July and 6th August 2016

Where is the jamboree being held?

Essex International Jamboree 2016 will be returning to Boyton Cross near Chelmsford. The 120 acre site at Boyton Cross is only 40 miles from London. The site includes an 8 acre lake and the remainder is planted grasslands. With access to London and all major airports via the A12 and M25, it’s easily accessible to jamboree visitors from near and far.

Is this the largest jamboree in the UK?

The Essex International Jamboree is the largest in the UK, with over 10,000 participants expected.

What is clay shooting?

Clay shooting is the sport of hitting moving clay targets with a shotgun. Clay shooting is an enjoyable, rewarding and safe sport. It instils confidence, maturity and responsibility to those that taking part in the sport.

Will there be any high profile visitors?

To find out what high profile visitors are present and when please contact the Jamboree organising committee.

Where are the scouts and guides from?

Youngsters from every corner of the world have shared a small part of their world as over 70 different countries have visited the Essex International Jamboree since 1927.

Who are BASC?

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is the largest representative body for shooting sports in the UK, currently with more than 145,000 members.

What are BASC doing at the jamboree?

We have been contracted by the Essex International Scouts Jamboree as one of the lead activities. We expect to introduce 7,200 scouts and guides to shotgun shooting over the 6 days of the jamboree.

How popular is clay shooting?

Shooting sports is one of the largest participation sports, surpassed only by running, walking and football. It also has an exemplary safety record compared to other participation sports.

Who will be introducing the scouts and guides to shooting?

BASC will use up to 25 accredited and qualified BASC coaches to introduce the scouts and guides to the sport. BASC shotgun coaches are the best in the country at introducing novices to shooting in a safe and professional manner.

How safe is shooting?

Shooting sports is one of the largest participation sports, surpassed only by running, walking and football. It also has an exemplary safety record compared to other participation sports.

Your children will be accompanied by a professionally trained BASC coach, who are re-tested every three years.

BASC is very experienced at running large shooting events. We have delivered shooting lines at the CLA game fair for some 20 years. We also run shooting lines at 30 other events and shows across the UK.

All our activities are compliant with health and safety legislation and all our events are risk assessed and reviewed by qualified safety officers.

All scouts and guides will be accompanied at all times, whilst shooting.

The coaches are in control of the gun at all times.

As well as the coaches there will be three qualified safety officers on duty to supervise the operation of the shooting line.

All scouts and guides will be provided with a shooting jacket, eye and ear protection which must be worn in the shooting area.

Is this the first time BASC has attended an International Jamboree?

This will be the first time that BASC has agreed to run the shooting line at an International jamboree. We could only do this with the support of our partners, Promatic, Browning and Eley.

How are the noise levels being managed?

BASC have conducted a number of site visits and in liaison with local environmental health officer we conducted trials to look at the impact of shooting noise on surrounding residents. The shooting area has been carefully selected for its advantageous topography which will shield noise sensitive areas. We have requested that the farmer does not cut the grass as this will also attenuate the noise of the guns.

One of our partners, Eley, who manufacture our cartridges have also specifically made cartridges for the jamboree. These cartridges emit a noise below normal levels.

What do the local residents think?

Local residents have been fully informed at every stage. The scouts also have local jamboree ambassadors, always on hand to answer questions and inform residents.

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