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Parental Guide to Clay Shooting at the Jamboree

Essex International Scouts Jamboree in Chelmsford 31 July to 5 August

Parental Guide to Clay Shooting at the Jamboree


What will my child be shooting?

Your child will be shooting small disks made of clay. These are thrown into the air by an automatic clay trap.

What sort of guns will you use?

We use small calibre shotguns which are lighter, quieter and easier for youngsters to handle. These fire hundreds of very small ball bearings out of a cartridge.

How safe is shotgun shooting?

Shooting sports is one of the largest participation sports, surpassed only by running, walking and football. It also has an exemplary safety record compared to other participation sports.

Your children will be accompanied by a professionally trained BASC coach, who are re-tested every three years.

BASC is very experienced at running large shooting events. We have delivered shooting lines at the CLA game fair for some 20 years. We also run shooting lines at 30 other events and shows across the UK.

All our activities are compliant with health and safety legislation and all our events are risk assessed and reviewed by qualified safety officers.

All scouts and guides will be accompanied at all times, whilst shooting.

The coaches are in control of the gun at all times.

As well as the coaches there will be three qualified safety officers on duty to supervise the operation of the shooting line.

All scouts and guides will be provided with a shooting jacket, eye and ear protection which must be worn in the shooting area.

Shooting can be loud. What precautions will you take to protect my child from loud noise?

All participants at the Jamboree will not be allowed in the shooting area without wearing British standard ear protection.

We have also had cartridges specifically loaded for the jamboree. These will be lighter and quieter than normal.

We will also be using smaller calibre guns, which produce slightly less noise.

Who are BASC?

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is the largest representative body for shooting sports in the UK, currently with more than 145,000 members.

Why are BASC at the jamboree?

BASC have been contracted by the Essex International Scouts Jamboree as one of the lead activities. We expect to introduce 7,200 scouts and guides to shooting over the 6 days of the jamboree.

Clay shooting is an enjoyable and rewarding sport. It instils confidence, maturity and responsibility to those taking part in the sport.

Collectively, BASC shotgun coaches’ introduce many thousands of people every year.

I hurt my shoulder shooting. Will this happen to my child?

We will do everything in our power to make sure that their first time shooting is as pleasant and positive experience as possible. This is why we only use our own professional coaches who have been trained to select the right gun for the right client and fit it properly so that it does not hurt.

If my child is uncomfortable or does not like shooting can they stop the session?

BASC professionally trained coaches are well versed in looking after young clients. If at any point the coach suspects they are not enjoying it, they will ask if they would like to stop the activity. If your child wants to stop, the coach will end the session at any point.

My child wears glasses. Can they still shoot?

Yes they can still shoot. If we deem that your child’s glasses are not suitable protection, then we will put safety glasses over the top of their existing glasses.

If my child comes back from jamboree and wants to do more shooting, where can they learn?

We will be organising a number of events in the Essex area immediately after the jamboree. We will also provide details of all the grounds and shooting opportunities in the area.

You can find a BASC coach near you by visiting the BASC coaches section of the website.

Is there a minimum age for taking part in this activity? Or a minimum height?

There is no minimum age for taking part in the shooting. However your child will need to be strong enough to hold the shotgun, which may weigh up to 7 lbs. Generally children over the age of eight are physically able and mentally mature enough to take part under close supervision. The coaches will make a judgement call as to whether your child is able to safely take part.

How much training do your coaches have? Are they experienced in coaching young people?

BASC trains and assesses shotgun coaches and has done so for many years. All our shotgun coaches have to go through rigorous assessments, continuous professional development and are re-accredited every three years.

BASC shotgun coaches are regarded by many as the best in the country at introducing novices to shooting in a safe and professional manner.

BASC coaches volunteer for us at events and shows around the country. At these events over 50% of the clients are young persons, so they have experience of coaching young people. It is also mandatory that one of their assessed lessons during their training is taken with a young client.

Will your coaches have to touch my child?

BASC coaches will have to touch your children on the cheek or the shoulder, whilst fitting the gun. The coach will ask the responsible adult and your child if they are happy for this to happen. All coaches are supervised at all times by safety officers and will never be left alone with your child.

All BASC shotgun coaches have to adhere to our child safe policy.

All BASC coaches have to be DBS checked before they are accepted as fully qualified.

Do I have to sign anything to let them take part in the shooting?

If you want your child to shoot, you must have signed the parents’ consent form provided to you by the Essex International Scouts Jamboree team.

Where can I find out more about BASC?

To find out more about BASC, visit our homepage of our website.


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