An Improve Your Shooting Day, organised by the South East regional team, was held on 4 September at the Greenfield Entertainment shooting ground in Oxfordshire.

Fifteen BASC members attended the event which began with a presentation by BASC Research Officer, Matt Ellis on respect for quarry and wounding rates. This was followed by practical sessions on range finding, pattern testing and an assessment of candidates’ shooting skills. 

In the afternoon, attendees had the chance to shoot clays under the guidance of BASC shotgun coaches to help analyse and rectify any issues.  Although there was a minor set back when the ST2 shooting simulator suffered a hardware malfunction, this just meant more time shooting clays, which all the candidates thoroughly enjoyed.

The event received very positive feedback at the end of the day and candidates were particularly happy with the coaching they received which had helped to resolve issues such including gun-fit, technique and eye-dominance.

The unseasonably good weather also helped to make this a very enjoyable day for everyone.