BASC acts in the best interests of its members and shooting. With regards to the firearms licensing legal expense’s insurance policy, only around 150 (1 in 1000) members a year make a claim, and of those only around a half (1 in 2000 members) have their cases taken up. Yet the  policy costs almost £1 million. The cost of this insurance continues to rise rapidly each year, whilst at the same time stricter conditions and exclusions are being added to the policy.

None of this affects any of the liability or personal accident insurances that you benefit from as a member of BASC.

The firearms licensing legal expenses insurance policy is no longer providing a product which is in the best interests of members. As a result, BASC Council has decided to remove it from the membership package from July 31, 2020.

We have not taken this decision lightly.

The decision does not affect the membership liability or personal accident insurances which includes:

  • up to £10 million Public Liability Cover
  • up to £10 million Employer Liability Cover
  • up to £10 million Product Liability Cover
  • up to £50,000 cover for personal accidents resulting in the loss of sight, hearing, or limbs

Our firearms team will still be on hand to provide support, advice and guidance to all members on firearms licensing matters. Our public liability and personal accident insurances are unaffected and remain in place.

BASC’s resources are managed by Council so that we can continue to fight for shooting and benefit members.

Legal expenses insurance Q&A

Q: When will he cover end?

A: This insurance cover will cease on 31st July 2020.

Q: Why is BASC making this change?

A: The cost of paying for this type of insurance is increasing at an astronomic rate. In addition, further exclusions to the policy has meant that fewer members are able to make a claim. It’s not fair that all members should be paying for a cover that most members will never use, that is not in the best interests of our members and is potentially against the Financial Conduct Authority rules.

Q: Will this decrease the cost of membership?

A: No. The cost of legal expenses insurance increased from an estimated £2.60 to £5.80 per member in the last year. However, the membership subscription was not increased to cover this cost. 

Q: In the years that the policy has been in place, has it made much difference?

A: Whereas there have been a few successes the cost of these has far exceeded the premiums paid.

Q: Will I still get help from the BASC Firearms team with issues I may have with the possession and use of firearms?

A: Yes, absolutely, the firearms team within BASC are a unique member benefit and will now be able to focus even more on direct assistance of members.

Q: What are the BASC firearms team going to do to help?

A: The BASC firearms team will continue to operate at a strategic level lobbying the Policing minister, Home Office, and liaising with National Police Chiefs Council Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group to represent shooters interests and strive for a fair and consistent licensing system.

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