Bryn Parry with ‘The Veteran’ at the ‘green wax’ stage of the casting process. The final piece will be cast in bronze and patinated.

Sporting Cartoonist and Help for Heroes Co-founder Bryn Parry will unveil his latest works on the BASC stand at this year’s Game Fair.

Since stepping down as chief executive of Help for Heroes in 2016, Bryn has returned to his art and has turned his hand to something new – bronze sculptures.

He will officially unveil his first two countryside bronzes on the BASC stand at the Game Fair on Friday July 27th at 3pm.

Based on two of his well-known cartoons, the Veteran and the Infamous Grouse, the sculptures stand half a metre tall and have been created using the traditional casting technique known as the ‘lost wax’ process. The finished bronzes will be patinated to take on a translucent sheen and each is totally unique.

Each bronze will be one of a limited edition of just 12.

Bryn said: “I started sculpting last year and I’ve undertaken several portraits and other works but because I’m a sporting cartoonist I decided to turn some of my cartoons into 3D works.

“One of my better known cartoons is ‘the Veteran’ which I would have done in the 90s. It’s a pheasant that has been on a flying mission over the guns and has survived. His tail feathers are a bit battered but he’s made it home safely and he’s having a pint of beer to celebrate.”

“Infamous Grouse’ is standing on a rock keeping a wary eye out for the guns. He’s wearing a Glengarry, kilt and a sporran. He has a shepherd’s crook and he’s drinking a wee dram out of a hip flask.

“They will make a lovely pair. I’m rather hoping is they will find a home together in a shoot lodge. Every piece, although they are an edition, is totally unique.”

He added: “In 2016 I decided to step down from my executive role at Help for Heroes and return to cartooning. My wife and I will always be the founders of Help for Heroes and now our role is one of very proud grandparents.

“Originally the plan was to do a bike ride through the battlefields of France and link soldiers of history to modern soldiers who were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“What we thought would be a bike ride turned into a national movement. When it became apparent how much help was needed, we decided to head Help for Heroes up for nine months. Those nine months turned into nine and a half years. My family became involved and we ended up becoming committed to the movement. We just wanted to help those people who had been injured mentally or physically.”

BASC chief executive Ian Bell said: “BASC is delighted to showcase Bryn Parry’s work at the Game Fair. His ability to capture the joy and humour of our wonderful sport is quite frankly outstanding and was recognised by a BASC special award this year. Come and see ‘The Veteran’ and ‘Infamous Grouse’ for yourselves at the BASC stand; they will be on display throughout the Game Fair.”

Bryn’s bronzes will be on show on the BASC stand for the duration of the Game Fair. Anyone wanting to buy one can visit


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