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Scurry League Rules

The rules for the BASC Scurry League are as follows:

  1. The Scurry League is open to gundog breeds (including recognised crosses of these breeds)
  2. In addition to prizes on the day, points are awarded per scurry for the scurry league table, these are; 1st 30, 2nd 20, 3rd 10
  3. Only one prize place per dog and handler, per scurry (e.g. the Long Retrieve would be one scurry) per day
  4. Only qualifying scurries carry points for the league
  5. A dog may not win more than one prize/points per individual scurry (per day) for the, even with a different handler
  6. It’s a timed event
  7. Over the line starts the clock. Each return over the line stops the clock
  8. Do not send the dog until told by the time keeper/ official that you can
  9. If a dog ‘runs in’, then the run/entry is void
  10. Dogs maybe kept on leads or held
  11. Individual scurries may consist of single or multiple retrieves
  12. Some scurries may include a distraction or a specified order of retrieving. In such circumstances, if the distraction or a retrieve is picked out of sequence then the run/entry is void
  13. Entry fee per scurry £2
  14. Fastest dog wins
  15. No harsh handling of dogs permitted, mistreatment will not be tolerated
  16. No limit on entries – however should the organisers feel that excessive competing of a dog may be injurious to that dog’s well-being an entry will be declined
  17. Anyone knowing of their dogs being in contact with infectious diseases must not attend the scurry
  18. Bitches in season will not be allowed to participate in the competition
  19. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure the correct details are given to the scurry organiser
  20. Any dishonest or discreditable conduct will result in disqualification and removal from the League
  21. The organiser’s decision in relation to any matters arising is final
  22. The top 20 dogs in the league after the final qualifying scurry will enter a Grand Final to determine the overall winner of the league
  23. Any dog which has qualified for the Grand Final with more than one handler will only be allowed to compete once. A handler may compete in the Grand Final with more than one dog
  24. In the event of dogs being tied on points for a place in the final, there will be a draw to determine which dog/s enters the Grand Final
  25. Only those competing in the final will be eligible for the qualifying prizes.
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