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BASC have worked with Agria Pet Insurance to provide members with a unique choice of lifetime cover and optional benefits that can be tailored to their dog, their lifestyle and their budget. NB. BASC is the Introducer of this policy, the insurance cover is provided by Agria.

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This Insurance policy features lifetime cover for accidents and illnesses. Our vet’s fees benefit offers lifetime protection to help pay for on-going conditions. Some pet insurance restricts the amount of money you can claim for each illness or injury. Other policies limit your cover for chronic conditions to just 12 months, after which time further claims for that on-going condition are excluded.

Included in DOG INSURANCE policies:

  • A choice of either up to £6,500 or £12,500 veterinary fees cover each year
  • A choice of excesses to help members tailor their premium to their budget
  • Travel and accommodation costs if a dog needs to be referred to a specialist
  • Advertising and reward costs to help a member find a lost, stray or stolen dog
  • Multi-pet discount for members insuring more than one pet
  • Half price for the first TWO months
  • Free access to the Pet Health Helpline – providing advice from qualified veterinary staff, 24 hours a day
  • Free ‘Pet 24’ lost & found service

Other benefits and optional cover

  • Owners primarily insure pets to be able to budget with reasonable accuracy for their vet’s fees.  But BASC Dog Insurance policies cover other pet risks too.  Some of these will be important to individual owners and some will not.

    NEW BASC Dog Insurance therefore allows members to choose the supporting cover that’s important to them… and not pay for cover they don’t want or may not need.  Choose from:

    • Death from illness or injury or loss by theft or straying
    • Holiday cancellation or early return from holiday
    • Boarding kennel or cattery or daily minding fees
    • Breeding risks cover for pregnancy, whelping and puppies pre-sale
    • Overseas extension of cover which includes third party liability
    • Money back each year towards the cost of a dog’s preventive care
    • Cover available for non-working dogs and cats too!

BASC Direct is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Agria Pet Insurance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register Number 496160.

About Agria Pet Insurance

Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurers specialising in small animal, equine, livestock & other farm insurances. The company dominates Scandinavian pet insurance and recognised the importance of working closely with the veterinary profession since insuring the first horse in 1890 and first dog in 1924. Collaborations with other animal organisations followed and help Agria remain at the cutting edge of animal health development. These relationships are still at the very heart of the business more than a century later and provide the platform on which to develop innovative products and services to satisfy the varying needs of the animal owning community.


For specific advice on game shooting matters please contact us on: 01244 573019  email

Pet Insurance

Agria, the providers of BASC Dog Insurance, is happy to provide cover for working dogs and most importantly, cover while they are at shoots and events.

BASC chose the Agria policy specifically with members in mind, congenital and hereditary problems are included as long as they hadn’t been diagnosed or weren’t showing signs before the policy started.

Most policies in the market don’t cover breeding risks at all. BASC Dog Insurance has an optional benefit that can be added when you decide whether you will breed from a bitch. It covers gestation, whelping, puppies’ vet fees pre-sale and even includes Caesarean sections for the vast majority of breeds.

As with most things, you get what you pay for and the cheaper the policy the less it’s likely  to cover. Your BASC policy offers lifetime vet’s fees cover ensuring that chronic, on-going conditions can be covered for the life of your dog.

Many policies in the market will only pay for an illness for 12 months from when it starts or is diagnosed, after which the condition is excluded and further claims will not be paid. Even if you change to a different policy that condition will be treated as pre-existing on the new policy and excluded. The BASC Dog Insurance policy offers on-going cover for on-going conditions – as long as the policy is renewed each year premiums are kept up to date.

Your BASC policy will include vets’ fees cover, help to find a lost dog, essential third party liability cover and travel and expenses if your vet refers your dog to a specialist. All the other benefits such as death or loss cover, breeding risks, boarding fees, holiday cancellation and overseas travel are optional, allowing you to choose the protection you need without paying for cover you don’t want.

Some policies in the market charge more if you are unlucky and your dog is ill or injured. BASC Dog Insurance does not penalise members who need to make claims – however large those claims may be.

Out of preference and with agreement from your vet we will pay the practice directly by bank transfer. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can pay you and payment by cheque is also an option.

The cost of drugs purchased over the Internet can be claimed provided your vet has prescribed the drug to treat your dog.

Yes our policies are designed to include cats as well and when you insure your second and successive animals they will enjoy an on-going multi-pet discount.

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