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BASC – Tower Bird Trophies


What are the trophies?

Awarded on a points system there  are four trophies awarded each year to the most successful Retriever, Spaniel, HPR breed and Pointer or Setter during the previous Field Trial season. Winners will receive a trophy as well as commemorative prizes.

The trophies themselves are named in memory of the late Noel M (Tim) Sedgewick, the former Editor in Chief of The Shooting Times and Country Magazine who wrote under the pseudonym “Tower Bird”.


Is my dog eligible to enter?

There are to criteria which your dog will need to meet before it is eligible to win one of the trophies:

  1. Your dog needs to have been placed 1st – 4th in either Novice or Open Stakes during the previous Field Trial season (2018/19).
  2. Your dog needs to be aged less than four years old. Once the dog reaches its fourth birthday any award/points accrued after its birthday won’t count towards the Tower Bird competition.


How do I know how many points my dog has?

Points are calculated using the beneath table. If you are unsure of how many points your dog should be awarded then don’t worry. Simply complete the entry form and return and we will calculate the points for the necessary placings your dog has won.

Points are awarded as follows:


    Position Novice stake                                          Open stake
Spaniels, Pointer or Setter and HPR Retriever          (1 day) Retriever        (2 day)
         1          8                    16           12          16
         2          6                    12            9          12
         3          4                     8            6           8
         4          2                     4            3           4




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