The Grouse Quiz

How much do you know about grouse? Take our Glorious 12th quiz and find out.

1. We all know that the grouse shooting season starts on the Glorious 12th! But what happens if the twelfth falls on a Sunday (in England and Wales)?
2. How many days is the grouse shooting season (In England and Wales)?
3. How fast can a grouse fly?
4. How much heather does a typical grouse eat per day?
5. What are the four species of grouse in the UK?
6. When did grouse shooting start?
7. What two words does a grouse call resemble?
8. How do you tell the difference between a male and female grouse?
9. How long should you roast a whole red grouse for?
10. Who is credited with the first use of the verb “to grouse” which means “to complain or moan”?
11. What percentage of the Pennines and North Yorkshire moors’ Special Protection Areas are managed for grouse?
12. Approximately how many full-time jobs does grouse shooting in England, Wales and Scotland support?
Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica) quiz
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