Giving people the chance to shoot

David Boden

David Boden

Training and Education Officer David joined BASC in 2018 after over eight years of working in the police force focusing mainly on rural crime. David is a BASC accredited shotgun coach and is very passionate about fieldsports and gundogs.

BASC’s most advanced shooting simulator has had a busy 2019. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, it has provided educational enjoyment to dozens of shows and events. This year alone it has already been in operation for 42 days, with more still to come. BASC training and education officer David Boden speaks of his first year as lead operator of the simulator.

The ST2 shooting simulator gives people the opportunity to try shotgun shooting in a realistic but safe and controlled environment. The joy of the ST2 is that it is just as interesting to the experienced shot who may want to pick up a few tips, as it is to the complete beginner who has never lifted a shotgun before.

Events attended this year have varied from shooting friendly affairs such as game fairs, country and agricultural shows, to more neutral events such as university fresher fairs, air cadet open days and so on. Whatever the venue, the simulator always draws the largest crowd.

To a non-shooting audience, the simulator allows BASC to engage with a new audience that would otherwise be impossible. Through our fantastic coaching staff, we can introduce those keen to learn different aspects of shooting, target or live quarry, and for many give them instructions on where their nearest shooting ground is.

Take for example, at Countryfile Live in Blenheim we gave out just shy of 800 free taster sessions to newcomers. Combine this with the outreach of thousands more at other events and it paints a picture of how unique ST2 is as an education tool.

For the experienced shot, the simulator is a very valuable coaching tool with the ability to alter the stock and combe on the gun, while also able to change the chokes, load weight, pellet size, and pellet material to what discipline you are shooting, be it target or live quarry. It can also analyse and replay each shot which can be enjoyable even for the most experience of shots. This type of simulator will not only promote high standards in shooting but help improve people’s shooting technique by allowing them to visualise where they have missed.

It has been an honour to provide people from all walks of life access to this fantastic simulator. It is great to see people trying out our sport and coming away with fond memories of having achieved their aim of hitting a moving target. This year is just a launch pad for a bigger 2020, plans are underway to reach an even greater audience and introduce more people to shooting which will include working more with our current clubs and syndicates.

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