When your letter arrived I was so excited to take up the opportunity to have a go at writing for BASC! Since I was little I have watched my older brother and Dad at shoots or practicing at the range and at some competitions. Every time I had the urge to pick up my Dad’s gun and pull the trigger at the target whatever it may have been, from a pheasant to a clay.  My family have always been passionate about shooting and this year it’s finally my turn to take part. Last year I wasn’t able to compete in the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) championships for my school. But this year, as I am now ten, I can compete as a member of the team and was lucky enough to receive a .410 for my birthday. But this article is not about me…

I am writing to try and raise the awareness and interest of shooting among young girls around the UK. At our school, there are four girls, including me, in my year who are as passionate about shooting as I am and two others who are a bit older. For IAPS this year I will one of three girls in my team.

Over the years, shooting for women has become more and more popular. Sadly, not so much for young girls. They don’t understand what it really involves and think you have to just pick up a gun and shoot a bird. But it’s not all about that. Shooting is a sport that the whole family can get involved in! It’s the perfect day out. We have two black Labradors who are working dogs and I love watching them run out into the field to pick up the shot game and get so excited.

To really get into shooting you need to watch someone else. Over the past three to four years I have watched my brother and he is so inspirational. At home, we argue A LOT, but on the range we are two different people. He teaches me new things every time. I have listened to everything he said and have become a stronger shot because of it. We spend most Sundays practicing with the air rifle at a target or shooting clays together. It is a great team sport.

My wish is to promote shooting to young girls. I want to write articles with details on upcoming events, which girls can also compete in, local shooting clubs for young girls, the latest equipment suitable for my age and above, and other interesting topics for Young Shots. I love to write and already have a book blog. I wish schools would get more involved and include shooting as one of the activities that possibly girls could experience on a day out/trial. Perhaps, we could invite female shooting experts to come and do talks in schools. We could learn a lot from someone with more experience and create more awareness.

Hopefully, I shall carry on with shooting and so will my family. It has been a great journey for me so far, and I hope more girls will start their own adventure with shooting.

Jemima Idiens

I’m ten years old and was thrilled when I was picked as one of the Young Shots Journalists. I live in Berkshire with my family and our two black labs, which we have trained to be gundogs. At school, I am very passionate about writing. When I was seven I started my own book blog, which I really enjoy doing. I also love singing, drama and all sports, especially running and hockey. Ever since I was little, whenever I have looked around the shooting schools, a lot of men and boys surrounded me, so I think we need more women and girls involved. I have been inspired by my brother and my dad to get into shooting. They kept telling me to have a go, so I did. My whole family loves to shoot and spend time in the countryside. I will be writing again soon!

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