Shooters will have a chance to do their bit for conservation – by taking part in a fundraising clay shoot. The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), will host the shoot at Catton Hall, Frodsham, Cheshire, on 23rd May.  The format will be a testing 100 sporting bird day. Money raised will be spent on carrying out conservation work in Cheshire as part of BASC’s Green Shoots initiative.

Nick Glazebrook, BASC’s head of fundraising and sponsorship, said: “BASC Green Shoots has established shooting in government and conservation circles as an indispensable partner in promoting biodiversity, but our funding is threatened by a squeeze on spending by contributors. The more we can raise, the more work we can do.  Make no mistake – Green Shoots is a major factor in ensuring the future of shooting.”

In Cheshire, BASC’s Green Shoots top achievements include the discovery of the first evidence of native dormice in the county for 100 years and the recovery of the water vole population on the River Gowy by trapping and humanely dispatching mink.
Twenty eight per cent of the rural land in Cheshire is managed for shooting and much of it has been linked in to conservation efforts.

The fundraising clay shoot is for teams of four guns but people can also book in singly and be put into a team on the day.  In addition to prizes for top gun, top team and bottom team, there will be a raffle for prizes including a new Lanber 12 gauge shotgun worth £825 and a day’s shooting for two guns.

The high-tech ST2 shooting simulator will also be at the event so people can try out the equipment Olympic shooters are using to hone their skills for the 2012 games.

Shooters will be served bacon baps on arrival and a hog roast meal later on.

Entry is £65 per gun. To book, phone Rachel Dickinson on 01244 573031.

To discuss ways in which you might help to secure Green Shoots’ future, phone Nick Glazebrook on 01244 573004.

Pictured is Alex Hatton, BASC’s North Wales biodiversity project officer, with a mink raft on a mink workshop held on Anglesey as part of Green Shoots North Wales.