Follow up of shot deer

With a well-placed shot most deer will be killed quickly and retrieving the dead deer will not be an issue.

However, occasionally things do go wrong and it is critical that the stalker knows how to follow-up a wounded deer correctly such that it can be despatched humanely. The Deer Initiative best practice guides provide excellent information on this –

One of the most important decisions to make early on in the search is whether or not you can find the deer on your own or whether to call on the services of an experienced tracking team.

The more time you spend searching a site, the more likely you are to push a wounded deer further away and to also contaminate any trail that a tracking dog would follow.

UK Deer Track & Recovery provide a confidential and free call-out service across the whole UK. If you do need help to find a wounded deer, get in touch with one of their teams.

Visit their website now and put the number of your local contact in your phone, just in case you need it someday.

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