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Services to Members


  1. Providing confidential advice on firearms and related matters such as knives, explosives and countryside law.
  2. Advocacy with firearms licensing personnel on behalf of members.
  3. Providing technical and ballistic advice on all aspects of sporting firearms use.
  4. Assistance with completing firearms and shotgun certificate application forms.
  5. You can expect high quality impartial advice on your case from a competent member of BASC’s Firearms Team. This advice will be based on settled law and/or sustainable legal opinion.

Other services

Advice on all aspects of firearms ownership and usage including:

  • Provide information and advice on historical firearms and other heritage weapons.
  • Assist members’ legal representatives with case preparation.
  • Forensic examination and reports to evidence quality standard.
  • Legal expenses insurance.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Click here for more information on BASC Members Expenses Insurance


If you have a problem with your police firearms licensing department or your certificates – BASC is here to help. As a member of BASC you can expect to receive prompt advice relevant to your problem from a member of our Firearms Team at Marford Mill.

If your problem concerns licensing, and you agree, a BASC specialist may be able to liaise with your licensing department in order to try to resolve the problem. Our aim is to solve problems by mediation in the first instance. If we do not think you have a sound case – or are better advised to take a different route – we will tell you and confirm it in writing if required.

Occasionally members’ licensing problems cannot be solved by mediation and the only remedy is to go to court by way of appeal where the law allows so. This can be expensive, uncertain and time consuming – and it is important that you should understand BASC’s processes in order to help you. The following principles will apply:

  • Your case and any information you provide will be treated in strict confidence at all times.
  • The person dealing with your case will be your case officer throughout BASC’s involvement. The case officer will be your main contact and it is important for you to liaise directly with that member of staff throughout the case to ensure continuity. If you have a disagreement with your case officer, please ask him to forward your call to the Director of Firearms Operations for resolution.
  • You must tell your case officer everything about your problem and surrounding circumstances. Failure to do so is likely to cause further damage to your situation and may even damage it beyond remedy.
  • You will be kept informed about progress when there is information available. If we feel that the case cannot be taken any further, or that there will be a delay for whatever reasons outside our control, we will inform you and confirm the reasons in writing.
  • You can expect high quality impartial legal advice on your case from a competent member of BASC’s Firearms Team. This advice will be based on settled law and/or sustainable legal opinion. Without prejudicing impartiality it will be framed so that it serves your best interest. Where this advice is complicated or lengthy, it will be provided in writing.
  • An early and properly considered response in writing from a senior member of the Firearms Team will be provided if, after due consideration, we consider the case does not have reasonable prospects of success. If that is so we will endeavour to advise on your best course of action thereafter. If your case is being handled within the legal expenses insurance scheme; in addition to BASC firearms staff, the appointed solicitor and DAS legal will keep BASC members informed.

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