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Police involvement with shooting

It is inevitable that police officers and sporting shooters will cross paths with each other at some point in their lives. This section aims to provide practical and legal advice for situations that both the police and shooters may find themselves involved in.

In our experience not all police officers are aware of lawful shooting activities, where they are likely to occur, or how the shooting community go about those activities. Equally is unlikely that most shooters will know about police procedures until they have gone through that process themselves.

Some fact sheets are aimed at the shooter to help them to understand police procedures, regardless of the end result.  In many cases people are investigated by the police and released without charge, and some are dealt with through the criminal justice system but it is important that all parties know the systems they are subject to and to remain open minded.

Other resources

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) – Firearms & Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG)

Click here for minutes of ACPO FELWG meetings – 2011 onwards

Click here for archived minutes of ACPO FELWG meetings

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