Emma Norbury-Perrott was nominated by Ceri George, Fiona Norbury, Kara Hales, Tina Male and Brent Norbury-Perrott.

Emma has an amazing passion for rifle shooting. To encourage like-minded women, she started a ladies rifle club which is already a complete success.

Emma is passionate about the countryside and its values. She is both knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that women are heard in this sport and without anything to prove, she is showing and guiding others.

I think Emma deserves this recognition and respect for what she has achieved and would love to see her win this award.

Ceri George

Emma is promoting women's shooting by starting the Ladies Rifle Club and arranging ladies only rifle and tracking events.

She doesn't do it for recognition, she does it solely to promote country pursuits for women and to give opportunities and support to women who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

Fiona Norbury

Emma has always been involved in shooting and has done many different aspects. Mainly she has focused her interest into deer stalking and other rifle shooting pursuits. This year she had an ambition to get more ladies into rifle shooting and started the Ladies Rifle Club group. It began by having a Facebook group where women could talk to each all about rifles, deer stalking and get to know each other etc. Then the idea grew to having a Ladies Rifle Club event which was an introduction to rifles/deer stalking where nearly thirty ladies attended.

I might be slightly biased as she is my wife, but she has been a huge asset to the shooting community for many years.

Emma is a great role model for ladies who want to get into shooting. It is a hard sport to get into, especially if you are a women. But, Emma is helping them to understand it is possible and showing them that women can be deer stalkers.

Fiona Norbury

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