This year has certainly been like no other, especially for the shooting community. We should all be thankful that BASC and the other shooting organisations have worked tirelessly and successfully to secure shooting as one of the sports that could continue under the government’s guidance on Covid-19. As long as appropriate safety measures were set in place, of course. This has allowed BASC to get back out delivering at least some training and educational events for its members, including BASC live quarry events. 

Back in business

I was lucky enough to be one of the mentors on a BASC live quarry event, the duck flight in October for the BASC Eastern team. What a spectacular event it was. All the procedures were in place to keep the staff and attendees safe during the afternoon. These included sanitation points, gloves, masks, and social distancing. All were followed to a T.

When the participants arrived, they were greeted by cheerful smiles (hidden behind masks of course) and steaming cups of tea. Once everyone was settled and seated in a socially distanced way, the course began with an introduction to duck flighting. This was followed by a presentation on the law, safety in the hide, quarry ID, correct clothing and sustainable ammunition. There was also a duck calling demonstration and a live prepping and cooking demonstration to show how quick and easy it is to turn a duck into a meal within minutes. The dish cooked was simple and delicious.

Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

After a break and a BBQ to fill everyone’s bellies, a final range judging quiz was completed. Then, finally everyone got ready for the long-awaited evening duck flight. Each Gun was paired with a mentor at the lake to ensure that only the correct quarry was taken and that everyone was safe in the hides. We were welcomed by perfect conditions for duck flighting. Strong wind, overcast sky and a recent high tide meant that the ducks wanted to get to calmer waters of an inland lake. 

As the Guns and mentors walked to the hides, the sky filled with wildfowl. Mallard, teal and gadwall erupted from the water and were flying in all directions. This was the perfect opportunity for everyone to see the difference between duck species in the sky before it got dark. It also filled everyone with hope of getting that first bird.

What to expect at BASC live quarry events

Finally, we all settled for a seemingly endless wait for the light to fade. As a mentor, I had to socially distance from my charge and remain behind the hide. Luckily, we still had a chance to talk about what the Guns could expect and how they could tell one duck from another. Soon, to the excitement of the participants (and some of the mentors), packs of teal started to whiz in from one end of the lake. Mallard poured in and gadwall circled up above. The Guns were getting their chances at taking their first-ever brace of duck home.

As the light slowly began to fade to the point of where no duck was to be found in the air, the flight was called to an end. Covid-safe picking up of the fallen fowl began; gloves were worn and hands sanitised to prevent contamination of the shot birds. Once the birds were collected, we headed back to the farm for a hot cup of tea and a quiz on what the attendees had learned. Luckily, there were enough ducks for each Gun to take one home.

BASC live quarry events

All the guests were happy with the evening and thankful of what they had learned. If you want to try any form of live quarry shooting, like duck flighting, wildfowling, or other game, I recommend BASC live quarry shooting events. There is nothing better than first-hand experience where mentors and BASC staff will teach you everything you need to know to be a safe and responsible shooter. You will be told about the benefits of shooting, the law, quarry species, chokes, how to cook game, and much more. Plus, you also get the unforgettable experience of live quarry shooting. 

Now, because of Covid-19, the teams at BASC are also making sure that the events are compliant with the government guidelines. You can be sure you are safe – there is no reason to not participate. Keep an eye on social media and the BASC website for upcoming events. You will not be disappointed.

Vinnie Behan

My name is Vinnie Behan. I am an 18-year-old Young Shot who has been immersed in shooting and country sports from a very young age. I have already written for BASC in the past and I also have a YouTube channel – Country Boy on Cam. My hobbies include various types of shooting and cooking wild food. I am also passionate about conservation. Another one of my hobbies is nature and landscape photography. I hope being a Young Shots Journalist will give me a wider platform for promoting the benefits of shooting and educating people about our sport. I also want to learn more from the BASC staff as they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

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