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To help minimise subscription rises and to keep on delivering in key areas, donations are a great help. Many of our members want to give that little bit extra; £1, £5, £10 or sometimes even more to help fund specific projects that are close to their heart. Every donation will be spent on the project you support, all you need to do is to pick one or more!

BASC Youth Appeal

BASC is giving a significant boost to its work with young people.

The Ten Times Appeal

Shooting can only thrive where the habitat is actively managed for game species, and what is good for game is good for other wildlife.

Leaving a Legacy to BASC

Handing on the Heritage of Sporting Shooting

Our work at BASC is funded mainly through your membership subscriptions but it is greatly enhanced by generous donations from members and others who, are passionate about their shooting.
Gifts have enabled BASC activity to be enhanced by focusing on specific areas, to achieve more than we could otherwise have done.

During 2018 we have used this additional income to help Shooting Sports in a number of ways:

  • Our work to bring young people into shooting, and educate them about shooting and country sports.

For example we organised and operated shotgun coaching at a number of Scout Jamborees across the UK. Introducing thousands of young people to clay pigeon shooting.

  • Our conservation work into safeguard our rural heritage, demonstrating how shooting an important component in preserving our landscapes and native wildlife.

For example, last year more than 600 schoolchildren were taken onto the North Yorkshire Moors, to experience the uplands and learn all about the unique species that live there.

The Osprey project, which forms part of our continuous work towards a better future for both shooting and nature. The aim of the project is to support the ospreys’ colonisation of England and Wales though conservation work.

In 2019 BASC will be recruiting a Pathways to Shooting Officer, whose remit includes developing and implement plans to increase the number of people to take up shooting. In addition we are currently developing a BASC Legacy Trust fund which will award scholarships and bursaries to students undertaking countryside studies.

With your help and support BASC can maintain delivery on our core objectives, as well as provide much more to secure the future of shooting and our countryside.. BASC cannot achieve all of this without the support of its donors. Every penny donated will be wisely invested in the future of shooting and our countryside. You can choose to give a one-off amount or a regular monthly gift

Members can donate online by logging into the members area 24 hours a day or by calling the membership team on 01244 573030 during office hours.

Membership benefits

This area of the BASC web site is aimed mainly at BASC members. Here you can log in to view exclusive offers and also all the benefits and services that are available just for BASC members, as well as a few tempting offers that are open to all. What more do you want or need from BASC as a member? Let me know just e-mail me. You will find my e-mail on the landing page of the members only section of the web site when you log on.

Best wishes

David Ilsley – Head of Sales and Marketing

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