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Services to members

Top five services offered by the conservation and biodiversity team –

  1. Practical advice on habitat creation for quarry species
  2. Advice on written shooting agreements and guidance on valuations for sporting leases
  3. Advice on which species can be shot and related liabilities
  4. Guiding a shoot through its responsibilities when shooting on designated sites
  5. Representing members in negotiations with landowners, especially public bodies and companies, by providing expert advice.

Other services

  • General advice on wildlife management
  • Funding opportunities
  • Links to partner bodies with specialist skills/knowledge
  • Advice to increase species such as owls or grey partridge, including associated habitat management, control of other species and associated techniques.
  • Advice on limiting problem species, including invasive (non-native) species such as Japanese knotweed, and control of pest species
  • Laws covering game species, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  • The general licences which dictate how we can shoot the ‘pest’ bird species.
  • Advice on options for controlling non–quarry species, eg. cormorants
  • Enquiries regarding disturbance of protected species such as bats and badgers
  • The law regarding shooting on designated sites, such as SSSIs, where consent may be needed to shoot.
  • Guide to valuation of sporting rights rent or purchase price.
  • How to consider VAT within a shoot operation
  • Discussing the meaning of “shooting rights” within existing or proposed agreements.
  • Advice to members when there is no formal licence or lease in place.
  • Advice on land valuation.
  • Advice on land purchase.
  • Advice on available options to manage land, including linking with agri-environment schemes
  • The Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT) is a charity that makes loans and occasionally grants to shooting groups for the purchase of wildlife habitat which can be shot over.
  • BASC provides a service to the WHT by allocating expert staff time for the day-to-day operation of the WHT on behalf of the Trustees.
  • Assisting members and the general public where shooting practice may be questioned or misunderstood, with expert advice to help members achieve a conclusion in a responsible and defensible manner.

The Green Shoots programme assists with –

  • On-site visits from a BASC project officer to discuss projects that benefit quarry and wildlife.
  • Creating management plans to improve land for wildlife and quarry species.
  • Links to local experts on a wide range of species and habitats.
  • The provision of dedicated support to access local grant schemes.

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