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Ring Ouzel records wanted around the forest of Bowland

After meeting with the upland keepers around the Forest of Bowland in March, BASC are keen to collect records from anyone of Ring Ouzel. This bird is a summer visitor which, from BTO data, has suffered a 48% decline between 1998 and 2011.

Male Ring Ouzel ©

Male Ring Ouzel ©

Female Ring Ouzel ©

Female Ring Ouzel ©

Low survival rates and the effects our changing climate have been cited a potential reasons. However life on land used for shooting, especially that which includes grouse moor management, can suit these birds.

Information on these birds in the Forest of Bowland needs to be updated to improve conservation knowledge. So if you see a Ring Ouzel then tell BASC about it. What we need to know is

  • The date
  • Where it was (national grid reference or other coordinates are ideal)
  • How many you saw
  • If you can, how many male and how many female

You don’t have to record the same bird if it flushes to another area but if think you are seeing different individuals then make a separate note and tell us. Also make a fresh note every day because it will reveal where they like to spend their time. Also if you visit the same place and you don’t see them that is useful too!

You can get this information to us, either by filling in the form that you can download below and then emailing it to Duncan Thomas. Alternatively you could use the Seen It section on Green Shoots Mapping to record the species if you wish

The BTO has an excellent identification video at

Thanks for your help and good spotting!


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