Dorset Green Shoots

When BASC was in discussion with the South West of England Regional Development Agency in 2005 they showed interest in our Green Shoots programme, especially with the success demonstrated by Green Shoots on the Somerset Levels. The result was they provided funds for BASC to run the survey phase for a project in Dorset in 2006. The survey went out to BASC members in the area and asked for details of where they were shooting and what species and habitats of conservation concern occurred there.

The survey generated some amazing results:

  • 1,184 sq km of land surveyed
  • This is equivalent to 43% of the land area of Dorset
  • Over 17,000 new records of species and habitats created by BASC members
  • 88% of members gave BASC permission to share the records with our partners

Many of the members who provided information to this survey are engaged BASC’s SITA Trust funded project on water vole conservation.


Wet woodland
Grey partridge

If you were part of the survey in Dorset, thank you.  The data provided is being used to help conservation effort and in so doing promote the role of shooting sports in maintaining a healthy environment.

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