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About Green Shoots local projects

BASC has created a unique mechanism for involving the full range of the shooting community in mainstream conservation. We did this as the land that shooters have access to and their passion for a healthy environment to shoot in make them an invaluable partner to the conservation world.

The first step is for members to tell BASC what species and habitats use the land they have access to for shooting. Over 7,700 sq km of shooting land has been surveyed by members since 2000 and the number of biological records generated exceeds 52,000.  In the past, members gave the wildlife information by responding to postal surveys.  Now any member can provide information through Green Shoots Mapping, BASC’s unique website for members, which you can access here.

The majority of members allow us to share the wildlife information which enables us to build partnerships with other conservation organisations, both statutory and voluntary.  These partners realise the benefits of working with those who shoot and are keen to work actively with us.  The result is that BASC are able to offer conservation projects to members which will improve land for shooting and conservation in addition to achieving conservation targets.  A win-win situation in itself but even more so as these conservation organisations then willingly promote the value of the shooting community for conservation.

The Green Shoots projects pages give an overview of the projects we are working on with members and partners.  Please do look at these pages but, most of all, use Green Shoots Mapping and give us the information to show the value of shooting for conservation.


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