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Record your first woodcock or pink-footed goose

©Laurie Campbell

©Laurie Campbell


We would like you to help us get more information about woodcock and pink-footed geese in the UK, especially when they arrive for winter. Knowing more about their distribution and when birds arrive is becoming more important for their conservation and how we treat them as a quarry species.

All you have to do is log your first sighting (or any other you like!) onto BASC’s Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording System.  You want to select the Seen It section and then use the Add a new species record button below and to the right of the Map.   It is easy and quick!

Click on the link below to go to the Green Shoots Mapping home page, learn more about it and to find the link to the website.

Green Shoots Mapping

Furthermore we’ll publish maps at the UK scale of records we can share so you can see where people are seeing them!  To whet your appetite this is map we last published for woodcock.

Many thanks and I hope you enjoy recording!  Any questions then let me know!

Ian Danby
Head of Biodiversity Projects

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