Conservation Grants

Conservation grants provide funding for habitat creation, improvement and management.  Funding is provided by the European Union and each country in the UK has interpreted and implemented European legislation differently. Since 1 January 2015 there are new European Union funds and new rules apply.


Countryside Stewardship is the environmental land management scheme administered by Natural England.

Countryside Stewardship helps to improve flood management, landscape character, genetic conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

In November 2017 a number of new streamlined Countryside Stewardship options were announced.

Existing (2007-2013) conservation grants under Environmental Stewardship – administered by Natural England – will continue to operate but will be closed to new applications.


The Welsh Government administers agricultural schemes. Glastir is the sustainable land management scheme, through which financial support is given to farmers and land managers.


The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) scheme guidance is available from the Scottish Government website.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Agri-environment schemes details are available from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs website.

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Game and Gamekeeping

Today, there are some 5,000 full-time gamekeepers employed in the UK. In addition, there are many who spend their leisure time and money, rearing game and maintaining habitats on their own small shoots.

Green Shoots

Green Shoots People know that our countryside, and the wildlife it supports, is under increasing pressure – but how much more pressure would there be without the influence of shooting sports? Nearly £250 million is spent on conservation every year. BASC strives to have this recognised by politicians, the media

Green Shoots Mapping

Green Shoots Mapping allows you to:

• help BASC promote the conservation benefits of shooting by providing your observations of wildlife

• mark up and save as many maps of your shooting land as you like which you can then print or email to colleagues