Simulated Game Shooting

The combination of superb scenery and great company is what many of us go game shooting for, plus of course the joy of taking home and eating the game we shoot. Simulated game shooting has all the thrills, all the fun, all the scenery and all the good companionship – and typically warmer and drier weather. The targets are clay pigeons, so unfortunately you can’t eat what you shoot but it’s an ideal way to entertain your friends or make new ones. A range of different drives are usually offered, representing pheasants over woods, partridge over steep banks, grouse and even duck or pigeon flighting. Many shooting estates, including some of the more famous ones, put on simulated game days. Some simulated game shooting providers will also travel to you, so you can put on a simulated shoot on your own land. A good opportunity may be to test out that experimental drive you have been planning, or just get the team sharpened up for the season.

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