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Risk Assessment For Clay Grounds


This purpose of this document is to provide Clay Ground operators with:

  • an introduction to the principles of risk assessment; and
  • guidance on the areas of risk that need to be considered,  mainly in relation to clay shooting activities.



We are all aware that businesses have ever-increasing responsibilities in relation to issues of health and safety because of legislation, such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. But, the need for health and safety awareness is not being driven by government alone. To secure or contain the cost of cover, insurance companies increasingly require policyholders to demonstrate that they have sound risk management procedures in place. Landowners, wishing to satisfy themselves that their tenants are responsible, are also starting to request sight of health and safety audit documents.  However, a word of comfort, although the financial logic may not at first sight be apparent, businesses which invest the most in good health and safety tend also to be the most successful.


Without going into too much detail, underpinning all that a business does in relation to health and safety,  should be a health and safety policy.  This does not have to be complex and it will certainly state the obvious,  nevertheless, as a starting point it is important since it should:

  • Identify who holds overall responsibility for health and safety;
  • Make it clear who is to do what if any of the responsibilities are to be delegated;
  • Emphasise that health and safety obligations extend to everyone, not just to those with defined areas of responsibility.


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