Claire Sadler – Nominated by Gabriella Whorwood & Kate Egan

Claire ‘Sads’ Sadler is a brilliant shot both at the clay ground and in the field, but more so than this, shooting really is her passion. You can’t help but want to go shooting with her when she’s describing a day out with the gun!

She has promoted, and successfully inspired countless ladies to give shooting a go through her blog ‘Gracing the Field’ – with interesting, thoughtful and witty blog posts she shares her experiences be they good or bad and gives an honest account of what it’s like to be a lady shot. Her articles have reached far and wide, even gaining a following in the US as well as back home. She actively uses social media to promote shooting, and ladies shooting through countless Instagram photos, Tweets and Facebook posts. If you’re lucky enough to meet Sads, she’ll most certainly be talking about when she last went shooting, shall we go shooting today, or the next shooting adventure.

Sads’ contribution to ladies shooting really is outstanding.