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BASC has written to MPs to give them the facts on grouse shooting and moorland management ahead of the start of the season.

Although many moors have cancelled most, if not all grouse shooting to allow grouse numbers to recover from the devastating impact of the weather so far this year BASC feels it is still important to keep people briefed.

The association has updated its briefing paper on grouse shooting and grouse moor management and sent it to MPs with moorland in their constituencies.

Sophie Hutchinson, BASC’s political affairs manager, said:  “Ironically, the benefits of grouse shooting are likely to be seen starkly in the absence of grouse shooting.

“Although the excellent conservation work will carry on, we will undoubtedly start to see the knock-on effect of the cancellation of days on the fragile rural economies that grouse shooting supports.

“Hotel bookings and meal reservations will be cancelled. Shops that would usually welcome an influx of visitors to the area will not have that support and the trickle-down effect on businesses will be greatly affected.”

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