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PrintBASC Chairman Alan Jarrett has criticised the publication of a letter on the website of the Lead Ammunition Group. The letter, which emanates from the chairman of the LAG, accompanied his and other remaining LAG group members’ report to the Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

Alan Jarrett says: “The Chair of LAG has ignored the terms of reference set for the group by Defra. It is a further confirmation of the failures in process which resulted in the mass resignation of many members of the LAG before the production of the report by those who remained.

The letter completely undermines the requirement for confidentiality because it publishes a summary of the report’s contents and conclusions before it has been examined by Defra.

BASC has always been clear that any proposed review of lead ammunition must only be conducted on the basis of sound scientific evidence and proper process.

BASC understands that the LAG report has been submitted by Defra for peer review, which we welcome. We trust that it will be both comprehensive and thorough. BASC’s position remains the same: “No sound evidence, no change.”




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