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A short, updated guide on where people can buy grouse, also known as the ‘king of game birds’, has been produced by Taste of Game and the Moorland Association.

Glorious Grouse lists outlets around the country where grouse can be bought, including online, and a number of recipes.

Annette Woolcock from Taste of Game said: “The 12th of August is always an exciting time for us it heralds the start of the game season and we look forward to the bountiful harvest this autumn.”

Amanda Anderson, director of the Moorland Association, said:

“Grouse is a delicious, nutritious and versatile ingredient unique to upland Britain and with good reason it is hailed as wonderful seasonal wild meat of exceptional provenance.

“It is a sustainable and healthy food source and it’s great to see the appetite for grouse growing. By choosing and eating grouse consumers are supporting many rural businesses and communities who depend on the wild harvest for their livelihoods.”

The guide can be found here. 

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