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BASC is astounded that the position of Natural Resources Wales (NRW), an evidence-based organisation, can be changed by the radical petitioning of extremist groups. Today’s decision strikes at the very credibility of NRW.

The Environment Minister for Wales, Hannah Blythyn AM, has pandered to animal rights extremists and has then imposed their position onto NRW, contrary to the evidence produced by a comprehensive review and public consultation into the future of shooting on Welsh public land.

This decision has serious implications for jobs and the environment in Wales. It should be derided by every individual who believes in the right of the individual to undertake lawful shooting. This is not just an issue for Wales; it is an issue for the very future of shooting in the UK.

Shooting is worth £75 million annually to the Welsh economy, it invests £7.4 million in the maintenance and enhancement of natural resources each year and supports the equivalent of 2,400 full-time jobs. BASC believes that is now at risk on the say-so of an individual minister who has allowed extremism to triumph over evidence.

BASC will consider the long-term implications of today’s decision before making further comment.


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