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BASC has introduced venison to more than 10,000 children at food and farming days in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire over the past month. The BASC Eastern team attended three events where they cooked venison tasters and gave talks about the health benefits of eating this delicious source of protein.

As well as tasting an array of venison dishes, the children, and many teachers, got to learn first-hand the importance of deer population management, learn about the different deer species and their preferred habitats, and take part in fantastic quiz.

Terry Behan, BASC’s East of England regional director, said: “The event was a roaring success, to have the ability to showcase venison directly to that number of children was a true delight. It was hard and hot work for the team, but to see the responses from children, and their teachers, was exceptional.

“Deer management is an essential tool to maintaining a fit and healthy ecosystem, fortuitously the end-product of venison is also absolutely delicious. Being a truly wild animal gives the six species of deer in the UK a unique taste – lean and flavoursome. Educational events like these are paramount to publicising the benefits of venison and promoting our wonderful natural assets.”

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