BASC’s ‘Simply Glorious’ adverts explained

Garry Doolan

Garry Doolan

Garry Doolan is BASC’s deputy director of communications and public affairs. He has more than 20 years experience of journalism and the media. He joined the organisation in 2016 and is a keen shooter and beater, with his springer spaniel Quincy.

Spotted a ‘Simply Glorious’ advert in your local newspaper today? They are BASC’s way of highlighting and celebrating the multiple benefits of shooting in our uplands.

What are BASC’s ‘Simply Glorious’ adverts?

The advertisements focus on the role shooting plays in conservation and the community. We have timed them to coincide with the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ – the opening day of the grouse shooting season.

Our adverts use tourism statistics to showcase the number of visitors heading to the uplands every year and the benefits to the economy of them doing so. Additionally, they promote the landscape, tranquillity and nature crafted by generations of farmers, gamekeepers and land managers.

What do they look like?

The visual aspect of BASC’s ‘Simply Glorious’ adverts need no further explanation. We have taken over the entire cover of today’s Yorkshire Post and also advertised in six leading newspapers in England and Scotland.

Why has BASC taken out these adverts?

The volatility surrounding grouse shooting may appear to be all encompassing for those at the heart of the debate but for the majority – the vast majority of the British public – it means very little.

We estimate that around 90 per cent of the population know very little about grouse shooting. So, it’s a useful medium to use the local press network to get the correct message out to them.

We have specifically targeted regional and local newspapers, such as The Yorkshire Post, in or near to the British uplands. The reason behind this is to give those closest to the moors the greatest opportunity to learn about the positives that are attributed to moorland management.

What are the ‘Simply Glorious’ adverts trying to achieve

The messaging is simple and visual. BASC’s adverts aim to counteract the targeted lobbying by the small, but loud, anti-shooting groups found in upland areas and those propagated on social media by celebrities like Chris Packham

Animal welfare arguments make for outrageous headlines and easy by-lines for front page news. But these ‘Simple Glorious’ adverts outline the reality and draw heavily on evidence to support our claims.

Gone are the days of the Glorious Twelfth being a true celebration of a sport deep in tradition and history. It is now a social media and digital battlefield that we must feature in. The adverts you see across our uplands today are BASC standing up and taking charge of the debate.

What can you do to help?

If you spot one of BASC’s ‘Simply Glorious’ adverts, buy the newspaper if you can. Take a picture with the advert and send it to or tag us on social media.

Let’s fill the feeds with positive news this week and try to stamp out the malicious, anti-shooting rhetoric.

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