Robin Marshall-Ball

England seat – uncontested

Region: Wiltshire, South West
BASC membership: 40+ years
Proposed by: R Vaux
Seconded by: K Hyland

I have been a shotgun shooter for 65 years, a rifle shooter for 50 years, a member of WAGBI/BASC for over 40 years and a volunteer for 35 years. I hope this shows my commitment to the cause. I have always been a great advocate of all shooting sports and strive to promote shooting, conservation and the consumption of ‘wild meat’ to the general public.

After a career in teaching, culminating in running a department of 11 staff, and a short break in food industry management, I joined BASC staff as a conservation specialist in SW England – serving for 13 years prior to retirement.

I like to think I’m a friendly and articulate individual, I can see my way around problems to gain a satisfactory outcome – I’ve had plenty of experience of conflict resolution during my various careers, often using lateral thinking and humour to get disparate people working together. In the South West, a hugely successful conservation project involved recruiting a team from BASC members, the RSPB, County Wildlife Trusts, Natural England and the Environment Agency under my leadership – “UK shooters leading successful conservation” was even mentioned in the European Parliament! But very occasionally I need to ‘bang heads together’ to get the desired result, and I’m not afraid to do so.

I enjoy my membership of three shoot syndicates – a driven game shoot, a rough shoot, and a woodcock shoot – but I am a wildfowler to the core, and a devotee of big Damascus-barrelled hammer guns, the saltmarsh and the call of wild geese.

In retirement, my wife and I now run an ecological consultancy and a field catering business – providing catering and game cooking demonstrations for many shows and game fairs in the South West. We’ve published our own recipe book to convert the uninitiated to eating game. I also chair the very active BASC Wiltshire Social Committee.

I enjoy writing about my shooting experiences, and have six published books on sporting firearms, deer stalking and wildfowling. Since 1976, as a freelance writer, I have also written articles for many shooting magazines, and for sixteen years had my own column in BASC’s S&C magazine, under the title On the Levels and then Robin’s Round. I believe that I represent the interests and views of the ‘ordinary grassroots BASC member’ – after all, I’m one of them.

I am now seeking re-election, having had the honour of serving on BASC Council for five years. Within this term, I have become a member of the Executive and Finance Committee, I chair the England Committee and, perhaps most importantly for me personally, I’m a member of the Wildfowling Committee, too. We have lived through ‘interesting times’ in the last five years, and the challenges that threaten our sport are growing ever stronger. With a strong Council and our dedicated BASC staff, we will see this through. I want my grandson to enjoy the sport I love and will do everything I can to ensure he has the opportunity to do so.