National seat

Karl Waktare

Region: Hampshire, South East region

BASC membership: 3 months (supported via GMK for many years)

Proposed by: D Byrne

Seconded by: O Waktare

I am the Managing Director of GMK Ltd and we have supported BASC for many years.

We are the UK’s largest firearms distributor; shooting is not only a passion for me but also a vocation. I have been in the gun trade for over 25 years and during this period I have worked with a wide variety of retailers, distributors, shooting organisations, magazine editors and journalists in the UK and abroad.

BASC is the most important shooting organisation by virtue of its membership size. I believe that I can help it to further promote the huge positives shooting brings in the form of health, conservation and employment. BASC may have 150,000 members but it is still a small/medium-sized company. I feel I have very useful commercial experience relevant to this size of business. The people who want to stop us doing what we love are getting more resourceful and shooting needs to rise to this challenge. I want to help BASC be at the forefront of this response.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to participate in most forms of shooting, with both rifle and shotgun, and in many countries. Every year I shoot clays, driven game and go deer stalking. I do it both because I love it and because it helps me to be better at my day job.

I have sat on various committees over the years including the Gun Trade Association and Hampshire CPSA. I am the current chairman of the Shooting Industry Fund and was the chairman of the Shooting Sports Trust. It would be a huge honour to be elected to the BASC council.


The election results are due to be announced at the BASC AGM on 11 July 2020.

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