More than 20 youngsters have been doing their bit for conservation as part of a BASC event in south Oxfordshire this week.

The conservation day, which was organised with the help of BASC member Mike Ganly, covered a variety of subjects including a look at invasive species such as the American Mink and the Red Signal Crayfish as well as shoot management techniques to encourage biodiversity and a talk from BASC council member Walter Cole on trapping pest species.

The Young Shots also spent time building a nesting box suitable for blue tits to put up near their own homes.

Regional officer for BASC South East, Jenni Thompson, said: “This event was an excellent way to teach Young Shots about the link between shooting and conservation and how shoot management plays an important role in the environment as a whole. I was really impressed by the Young Shots knowledge and enthusiasm, and I’m sure they will all make great ambassadors for the sport”.