DummylauncherBASC is warning members they risk prison if they buy pistol-style dummy launchers from abroad which breach UK firearms laws.

Importers have recently been forced to recall a quantity of Waidwerk blank-firing revolvers after British police deemed them illegal.

With the dummy launcher still available online via European websites, BASC is urging members to beware the dangers of bringing such items into the country.

Matt Perring, BASC’s senior firearms officer, said: “The pistol is designed to launch a dummy into the air for a dog to retrieve, but they look so similar to a real firearm as to be classed as an imitation firearm under UK law.

“This imitation firearm has been deemed ‘readily convertible’ within the meaning of the Firearms Act 1982. Accordingly, due to its size, it is regarded as a prohibited weapon following the handgun ban introduced by the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997.

“The acquisition, possession, importation, sale or purchase of such items is prohibited and attracts a mandatory five- year prison sentence under the Criminal Justice Act 2003.”

Peter Glenser, BASC chairman and a barrister specialising in firearms law, said: “The police have so far taken a pragmatic response in relation to the dummy launchers already in the country.

“But people should be in no doubt the risk of prosecution is very real should there be further transgressions. The law is very strong in this area.”

BASC is also reminding members that incoming post to the UK is now scanned at Royal Mail’s international postal hub by the National Crime Agency Border Policing Command.


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