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The top five services offered by BASC WALES

  1. Providing detailed advice and assistance on all aspects of sporting shooting.
  2. Working with local AMs and MPs at constituency level.
  3. Providing a focal point of shooting expertise for the media.
  4. Liaising with the police on a wide range of firearms issues.
  5. Promoting good shooting practice.

Representing the best interests of the members and general public by providing an established and effective point of contact and information source.

Services to the BASC membership

  • Providing an important conduit for information from members on the ground and the general public to head office and vice versa
  • Providing advice on the range of benefits to BASC membership.
  • Providing detailed advice and assistance on all aspects of sporting shooting
  • Representing the membership in BASC’s dealings with the general public and other organisations.
  • Providing practical advice to shoots regarding land, the shoot, including risk  assessments, shoot lay out and dispute resolution.
  • Providing advice on firearms and the law relating to shooting and country sports.
  • Briefing of clubs and syndicates and joint councils.
  • Organising a broad and diverse range of events for members, including young    people, ladies and newcomers to the sport.
  • Providing training to members in a range of activities, including gundogs
  • Direct involvement and the focal point for Wales in severe weather arrangements and with regard to communicable disease outbreaks
  • Providing a local point of contact with regional knowledge.
  • Finding shooting for members.
  • Raising funds for the association’s work.
  • Promoting awareness of biodiversity to the membership
  • Range days for members
  • Members’ evenings

To the shooting community

  • Acting as focal point for the shooting community in Wales.
  • Giving advice and assistance to non members.
  • Promoting BASC and its benefits.
  • Promoting good shooting practice
  • Representing the shooting community as a whole in dealings with other organisations, including the media and politicians

To the general public

  • Promoting shooting to the general public
  • Providing advice and assistance to the general public on all aspects of shooting.
  • Working with shoots, game dealers, food processors and restaurants to promote game meat as natural healthy and free range through Game’s On campaign.
  • Educating the general public on shooting and its conservation role.
  • Providing education and training advice for schoolchildren.
  • Acting as a point of contact and mediator between the general public and the shooting community.

To other organisations

  • Liaising with the police on a wide range of firearms issues
  • Assisting the police with fighting wildlife crime
  • Working with wildlife trusts, such as on mink control and invasive species
  • Providing advice to estate agents, lawyers and a whole plethora of businesses on all shooting and related matters.
  • Training youth organisations to be safe and responsible with firearms
  • Working with government organisations, such as Countryside Council for Wales county councils etc. to create awareness of conservation and the part that shooting plays in the environment
  • Training organisations
  • Working with and involvement in training at agricultural colleges and schools

Services to the media

  • Providing a focal point of shooting expertise for the media in Wales.
  • Acting as the spokesman for shooting to the media in Wales
  • Advice and assistance in the making of programmes or articles either directly or indirectly involving shooting.
  • Keeping the media informed of events and activities.

To politicians

  • Ensuring contact is maintained with Welsh MEPs.
  • Working with local politicians at county and district level.
  • Providing briefings for politicians.
  • Educating politicians on all shooting matters
  • Providing politicians with the opportunity to attend events, including shooting activities.
  • Providing advice and assistance to politicians on all shooting matters.

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