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Natural Resources Wales’s firearms policy

Briefing for BASC members

Call for evidence:  A review of the use of shooting on land managed by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).


  • NRW are carrying out a formal review of their policy on the use of firearms on the land they own or manage (where they control the sporting rights).
  • BASC has made a comprehensive response to their call for evidence (deadline 30 April) – see links below.
  • The response provided clear evidence to NRW that shooting is both an essential wildlife management tool and an important recreational activity in the maintenance, enhancement and use of natural resources.
  • The expectation is that NRW will consider the evidence and then consult on their suggestions before making a final decision on policy in the autumn.

There are two main reasons behind the call for evidence. One is lobbying from those expressing concerns over animal welfare issues connected to pheasant shooting on land NRW leases for shooting.  The second is NRW need to review their policy on firearms. NRW use firearms in order to meet their responsibilities, such as conservation targets, timber production, and they can allow third parties to use firearms for sporting or pest control reasons.

BASC’s view is that NRW have an excellent opportunity to make better use of shooting in the maintenance and enhancement of natural resources. BASC will be keeping close interest in the review of NRW’s policy.

Click here for more information on the review



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