In response to a decision by the University of Reading to end game shooting on its land BASC has released the following statement:

“BASC is gravely disappointed that the university – an agricultural institution – has decided to end its relationship with the small, well-managed shoot on its land.

“BASC gave its support to the university but, in the end, a campaign by animal rights extremists created pressure that became too great for the university to tolerate.

“BASC submitted a comprehensive body of evidence to counter the un-evidenced and emotive campaign statements made by the extremists. We are astonished at the conclusion the university, as a research institution, has reached. This is not a decision based on the clear, sound evidence that shooting is good for economies and the environment; rather a response to placate extremists.

“Shooting generates £2 billion for the economy every year and produces 3.9 million work days for conservation. It supports the equivalent of 74,000 full-time jobs and plays a significant role within rural communities.”

Stand together against the anti-shooting bullies