Lead – a message to BASC members

Shotgun-performance-300x186BASC’s Council has been shocked and angered by the unattributed email released by Defra under Freedom of Information rules, which suggests that the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) could support a ban on lead ammunition.

To the best of our knowledge no report has been seen or approved by the Lead Ammunition Group as a whole. We do not believe it is in the gift of any one individual, or group of individuals, to overturn the group’s Terms of Reference which were set out by Government in 2010 and agreed to by a broad range of organisations. It is inconceivable that BASC or other organisations would permit any circumvention of those Terms of Reference.

BASC’s position on lead ammunition is very clear: “no sound evidence, no change”. We have not seen any evidence to change that policy.

Indeed, the Norwegian Parliament has just voted to repeal its law on the use of lead shot for live quarry hunting outside wetlands. Reasons for the repeal included the absence of new evidence on lead shot and the misinterpretation of evidence by those advocating the ban.

At BASC our arguments are backed by solid, scientific evidence and we refuse to countenance any decisions proposed by policy-makers, regulators or others that are not soundly evidence-based.

Policy cannot be based on speculation, bias, prejudice or unfounded claims and must be consistent with the principles of better regulation, set out under the last Labour government and built on by the current government.

And as we provide clear evidence to support our case we will expect those who seek to restrict any aspect of shooting to do the same. They must back their claims with hard conclusive evidence.

Anything other will be robustly resisted and challenged on the basis of evidence and science.

I also take this opportunity to confirm that John Swift, Chairman of the LAG is not employed by BASC, nor is he a member.

Alan Jarrett
BASC Chairman



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