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BASC Range Days

BASC Range Days

Saturday 6th April 2019
Sunday 19th May 2019
Wednesday 19th June 2019
Thursday 8th August 2019
Saturday 12th October 2019

Range Day Booking-Enrolment Form 2019

Brief overview  

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot both static targets and running boar/running deer targets with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles over the course of the day.

BSRC Ranges available – All firing points are covered

  • 100m Running Deer range – electronically scored
  • Two 50m Running Boar ranges – electronically scored
  • 100m Static range – electronic or manual scoring
  • 10m Indoor Running Target range – electronically scored
  • Stalker’s Test – electronically scored*

*The Stalkers Test requires the shooter to fire two shots from the prone position, two from a sitting position, two kneeling, two standing and the final two from a bench simulating the position of a hi­gh seat.

BASC arranges range days at the British Sporting Rifle Club for BASC members to zero and practice. Eligibility is as follows;

  • You must be a member of BASC.
  • You must hold a current valid firearm certificate for the firearms you wish to use.
  • If you are a member of another NRA affiliated rifle club, we strongly recommend that you obtain your safety certification card via them, as your primary club. This can be presented at BASC Range Days and will be accepted if you have certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine.
  • BASC rifle club issues safety certification cards (SCC) for the purposes of BASC range days only, there validity or acceptance by other rifle clubs is not guaranteed. BASC Rifle Club conducts the assessments during range days, but from 2019 onwards, all cards will be issued by the NRA. Anyone not in possession of a current valid card will be required to sit assessment at a BASC range day before they can use the ranges. Assessment will offer certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine only and will carry a range limit of a maximum of 200 meters. If you require a SSC card, this will be chargeable at £15 per year. The card will be valid for 12 months. You MUST send a passport style photograph in .jpg format with this application in order to receive your SCC Card (this can be taken with a smartphone or digital camera and emailed with this application).

The NRA rules of shooting define types of firearms and ammunition which may be used on their ranges for target shooting. The individual is responsible for ensuring that his or her firearm is properly maintained, and that the ammunition is in every way safe and within the range parameters for muzzle velocity (MV) and muzzle energy (ME).  *See muzzle energy graph.

Firers attending BASC range days are required to sign a declaration confirming the above each time they attend a range day. Range staff also monitor firearms and ammunition during the course of each range event.

A range safety briefing will take place at 09.30am prompt. All firers must be signed in, present a valid firearms certificate and BASC membership card and then assemble ready for the briefing.

All BASC range days are run under supervision of a Chief Range Officer (CRO) and assistant Range Conducting Officers (RCO).

  • The Chief Range Officers or Secretary’s decision is final!
  • Firers’ safety brief must be read and understood prior to attending.


  • BASC rifle club – currently has no available club rifles for use on the day.
  • For the Running Boar – Expanding/hollow point ammunition is not permitted on the Running Boar range. .17 rim-fire cartridges are also prohibited.
  • .17 rim-fire cartridges can only be used on the 100m zero range.
  • The maximum permitted velocity and energy for each range is displayed on notices near the firing points. *See muzzle energy graph.
  • High muzzle energy rifles: The National Rifle Association and MoD have approved procedures that must be used on MoD ranges when civilians are shooting with firearms where muzzle energy is greater than 4500 joules. Zeroing and practice of HME firearms on static targets will be by arrangement with the CRO only.
  • For the Running Deer range: The calibre of the rifle must not exceed 8.0 mm, and the cartridge case capacity must not exceed that of the .30-06 i.e. 68.0 grains plain water measure.
  • The calibre of .22-250, point 338 and point 50 and other non compliant(check muzzle energy graph) are not permitted to be used on the BSRC ranges.
  • Ear protectors must be worn while shooting is in progress. Note: when in the vicinity of all firing points, especially covered ones, it is advisable to keep ear protectors on.
  • Anyone shooting on MoD ranges (including Bisley ranges) is required to possess and produce, on request, a certification card for the type of firearm they are using. This card is known as a Safe Shooter Certification Card.
  • If you require a card to attend BASC range days or use the Bisley range booking system and are a member of BASC with your own firearms certificate, you can sit an assessment to obtain a SCC at one of the BASC range days. If you pass the assessment you will be issued with a card that lasts for up to 12 months, now costs £15.
  • You are recommended to bring approx. 100 rounds of centrefire ammunition and 100-150 rounds of rimfire ammunition to cover the courses of fire for the day. Standard .22LR ammunition only is permitted for running boar. Hollow point ammunition is not permitted on the Running Boar Range.

All documents listed below should be read and understood prior making a booking.

Firers Safety Briefing Document


Range Regulations

Range Regulations Firearms and Ammo

Muzzel Energy Graph

Information and guidance for the first time shooter and visitor at Bisley.

NRA Stalkers Days

The NRA are offering Stalkers Days at Bisley every Friday. These days are open to DSC1or SCC card holder. If you wish to attend one of these days please contact the NRA Range Office on 01483 797777 ext 152.



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