BASC Range Days

2021 dates

2021 dates will be released in February 2021.

During BASC range days, participants will have the opportunity to shoot both static targets and running boar/deer targets with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles.

The British Sporting Rifle Club (BSRC) ranges available (all firing points are covered):

  • 100m running deer range (electronically scored)
  • Two 50m running boar ranges (electronically scored)
  • 100m static range (electronic or manual scoring)
  • 10m indoor running target range (electronically scored)
  • Stalkers test (electronically scored)*

Participants will also have the chance to undertake a Range Safety Assessment. On successful completion, BASC Rifle Club will issue a Shooter Certification Card which will enable the holder to shoot unsupervised on NRA ranges.

*The stalkers test requires the shooter to fire; two shots from the prone position, two  shots sitting, two shots kneeling, two shots standing, and then two from a bench simulating the position of a hi­gh seat.


In order to take part you must be a BASC member and hold a valid Firearms Certificate. 

The NRA rules of shooting and BSRC Range rules define types of firearms and ammunition which may be used on their ranges for target shooting. The individual firer is responsible for ensuring that his or her firearm is properly maintained, and that the ammunition is in every way safe and within the range parameters for muzzle velocity (MV) and muzzle energy (ME).

Firers attending BASC range days are required to sign a declaration confirming the above each time they attend a range day. Range staff also monitor firearms and ammunition during the course of fire.

Start time

A range safety briefing will take place at 9.30am prompt.

All firers must be signed in, present a valid firearms certificate and BASC membership card before congregating ready for the briefing.

Additional information

All BASC range days are run under supervision of a Chief Range Officer (CRO) and assistant Range Conducting Officers (RCO).

  • The Chief Range Officers or Secretary’s decision is final!
  • Firers’ safety brief must be read and understood prior to booking.

All documents listed below should be read and understood prior to making a booking.