BASC responds to attacks on lead shot

BASC-2014In the face of renewed attacks on lead shot BASC’s position on legal restrictions remains unequivocal – no evidence, no change. We refuse to countenance any decisions proposed by policy-makers, regulators or others that are not backed by solid, scientific evidence. Any legislation must be justified and proportionate. For a full statement of policy see

The government is currently considering the report by the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG), and the Food Standards Authority has issued guidance ( BASC research shows that this guidance, coupled with Swedish data, reveals that:

  • There is no risk to those who do not eat shot game meat more than once a week throughout the year
  • There is no risk to those eating small game if the pellet and pellet channel are cut out
  • There is no risk to those eating large game if meat is cut out 10cms either side of the bullet channel and from around bullet fragments.

Research has also provided evidence that although individual waterfowl can be affected by lead shot deposition there is no impact on the overall populations of birds; their conservation status remains unchanged.

BASC is fully engaged with other shooting organisations in the UK and in Europe to ensure that decisions on lead ammunition are scientifically justified and necessary. BASC already briefs MPs and peers on a range all issues affecting shooting, including lead ammunition.

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