The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will oppose any move – as suggested by the Calman Commission – to devolve power over airgun law to Scotland.

The current government in Westminster has resisted all calls to devolve firearms legislation. BASC has been involved in the discussions and is currently meeting Conservative Shadow Ministers to confirm the Party’s policy in the event of a change of government. BASC has consistently opposed devolution of firearms law and maintains that different legal regimes across the UK would create confusion, compromise law enforcement, do nothing for public safety and disadvantage the law abiding shooting community.

BASC director of firearms, Bill Harriman, said: “The call for devolution of firearms control powers is an overtly political initiative that is not evidentially based. Scottish statistics show a low level of firearms incidents, which are in decline. Education and enforcement of existing legislation is undoubtedly the best way to address any problems.”

The vast majority of people who use airguns do so lawfully and there are already sufficient powers available to deal with the small minority who break the law. BASC believes that a new airgun law that only applies in Scotland will be almost impossible to enforce, and BASC will strongly argue against it.


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