The BASC Ladies team are committed to promoting and protecting shooting and promoting all ladies events and lady shooters. We love to hear your stories of how you got into shooting – who, or what, inspired you or gave you the confidence to give our sport a go.

In 2017 we will be introducing the BASC Ladies Shooting Award for outstanding contribution to ladies shooting. If you know anyone who deserves a mention please tell us about them.

Our first nomination is BASC member Emma Brown, of the Glorious 12th Clothing Company, who was nominated by Louise Harpham and her daughter Kirsten.

“I would like to share with BASC members how much my daughter Kirsten has been helped and encouraged by Emma Brown. Emma has gone above and beyond in her encouragement and generosity, despite being a successful business woman and a busy mum to her own young family.

“My eldest daughter Kirstan (16), has always had her sights set on becoming a gamekeeper. She set up an Instagram page hoping to inspire other youngsters to get out into the countryside.

“Back in July, Kirstan received a message from Emma asking if she would like to become a brand ambassador for her company. We thought this may just be a marketing plan to promote her business but how wrong we were! This lady has provided so much for Kirstan; confidence, self-belief, encouragement and a caring ear

“Our first meeting was at the Gamefair last year where Kirstan was going to compete in the scurries with her dogs. On arrival, and after seeing the crowds, she lost confidence and backed out. But after an encouraging pep talk from Emma she went forward, competed and came third in one of the scurries!

“In September Kirstan packed her things and took her dogs to start her gamekeeping course at Newton Rigg, nearly 200 miles away. I really expected to be returning to collect her after a couple of days, especially after a few teething problems. However, Emma was behind her all the way; messaging, ringing and encouraging her to ‘go and show those lads how to do it’ and she is thriving.  My daughter has gone from a shy, lacking in confidence, girl to a well-rounded, positive young lady. She is pushing herself to get out there, recently appearing in Sporting Shooter magazine and is hoping to compete in the BASC Gamekeepers’ classes at Cruft’s. Six months ago she would never have dreamt of doing anything so publicly

“As a Mum we try to help our children and I suppose sometimes we push our kids, but you can’t beat the encouragement of a role-model outside of the family. I cannot thank Emma enough. Kirstan and I are so grateful to her. I know how much Emma values BASC and what it stands for, so if you could give her a mention somewhere we would be truly grateful.”


Louise and Kirstan Harpham

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