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BASC election manifesto 2024

The next government will have to deal with the nature emergency and the needs of rural areas. For both; shooting and conservation are key stakeholders and resources.

Key facts – shooting and conservation*

  • Habitat management and conservation are carried out on 18.8 million acres by those involved in shooting – around half the agricultural land area of the UK.
  • Shooting is worth £3.3 billion to the UK economy, generates economic activity worth £9.3 billion and provides the equivalent of 67,000 full-time jobs.
  • Those involved in shooting provide 14 million conservation workdays, the equivalent of 26,000 full time conservation jobs.

Political facts, BASC and shooting

  • To form a government a party must win rural and semi-rural seats.
  • BASC is a non-party political mutual society with 150,000 members, the largest shooting organisation in the UK. 620,000 people are active in shooting.
  • BASC works for sustainable shooting, the conservation of the environment and an effective and efficient firearms licensing system that protects public safety.

BASC calls on all candidates to approve this manifesto and confirm their support for:

  1. Sustainable shooting, which respects quarry species, seeks to conserve and improve the environment, avoids excessive consumption, complies with the law, improves the health and wellbeing of participants, and provides food and economic benefits to the wider community.
  2. Recognition by government that shooting is a force for good, delivering numerous environmental, economic and social benefits, and that it is a massive untapped resource for conservation and addressing the nature emergency.
  3. A properly resourced firearms licensing system that fulfils its primary purpose of protecting public safety by being conducted efficiently and effectively.
  4. The recognition of the importance of shooting and conservation to the economy of rural areas during the ‘off season’, the humane management of species such as deer and agricultural pests, food production, rural heritage and culture, and social life across
    the country.
  5. A commitment by government to work with BASC to assist with the nature emergency by facilitating shooting’s contribution to conservation and building participation in shooting sports.

Please confirm your approval of this manifesto by emailing

*Information from the Value of Shooting report 2024:

Click here to download a copy of the BASC Election Manifesto 2024