BASC has responded in full to Defra’s consultation and call for evidence on trophy hunting that closes this weekend.

Backed up with scientific evidence, BASC’s response heavily favours no change to the current system, which already requires a licensing application for certain species and is backed up by international agreement through the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN).

BASC also stated its strong opposition to the so-called ‘Option Three’, which demands a full import and export ban on all hunting trophies in the UK which, if implemented, would have a devastating impact on biodiversity and rural communities in the UK and around the world. 

Martin Edwards, BASC’s head of deer management, said: “The proposal to ban the import and export of all hunted trophies is the thin end of the wedge for legitimate deer management in the UK. Its inclusion was ill-judged.

“BASC has already briefed MPs and Peers on the implications of the consultation and in the coming weeks will be seeking meetings with ministers to ensure science and evidence triumph sensationalism.

“The message we are delivering is that communities on the ground should not be negatively impacted by extremists and celebrities seeking populist endorsement without really understanding the environmental, species and economic damage that could be caused in the long-term. 

“This is the same message we are delivering to the media and we are challenging misinformation where we see it. People need to understand that a ban on hunting trophies could have a profound impact on biodiversity and rural communities. As an organisation we will not give animal right campaigners a free pass to cause such devastation.”

Read the BASC response to both the consultation and the call for evidence in full below:

BASC’s response to Defra’s consultation.

BASC’s response to Defra’s call for evidence.

What can you do?

We need you to respond individually to the consultation and share your experience. Here are the two things you can do:

  1. Contact Defra as an individual stating your opposition to option three: A ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK. You can do this by emailing Defra here: 
  2. Fill in this template document providing your own personal experience and send it to Defra

Deadline extended until 25th February

Trophy Hunting

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