Following the success of BASC’s Countryside Classrooms for children, we are launching Countryside Workshops for older members.

These workshops will be live, interactive sessions and will include advice, information and handy tips from our BASC experts. 

From setting up a release pen to understanding firearm proof marks, this new series aims to cover a variety of shooting related topics. 

Tune into BASC’s Facebook page every Monday to take part. 

Date Time Topic
Mon 30 Nov
Mon 7 Dec
Christmas gift ideas, and fun festive crafts, for all the family with South West regional officer Hannah Turner.
Mon 14 Dec
Wild boar in the UK - what you need to know - presented by BASC's James Sutcliffe

Archived videos

Below is a selection of BASC’s Countryside Workshops.

Join Taste of Game’s Matt Gisby for a Great British Game Week cook along.

Glynn Evans explains the recently released 2021 general licences for England.

Politics and BASC's engagement with MPs.

  • Have pen ready before birds arrive (check for predators inside before closing)
  • Sunny and out of the wind
  • Take delivery of birds early in the morning
  • Check access for ease of delivery
  • Same feed as game farm for first few days
  • Same feeders if possible
  • Plenty of drinkers and fresh clean water (keep water clean)
  • Cover – low medium and roosting
  • Sunny areas towards the middle of the pen
  • Narrow winding tracks that bring the birds back to the middle
  • Plenty of shelters
  • Use of deterrents – not too early, move around inside and out
  • Clock radios – set for daybreak on talk station
  • Test electric fence daily
  • Seek VET advice – don’t guess!
  • Visit pen regularly each day – morning and evening
  • Know the law and don’t break it!